Excursion in Grindelwald

Unterer Grindelwaldgletscher

Cold but beautiful morning at Eigergletscher railway station

Visiting the observatory at Jungfraujoch

On the way to Muenchsjoch Hat with Jungfrau in the backgroud

Welcome to Rhonegletscher!

Shun shows his instruments

Is GPS working all right?

Men at work on the glacier.

Men at rest on the glacier.

Borehole water level measurement

Surveying glacier surface by RTK GPS positioning

Rhonegletscher is now calving into "Lac du Rhone"

Excursion to Gornergrat

Walking down to Gornergletscher

Gornergletscher and its tributaries in the background

Working on the data from Rhonegletscher

Time is running out......

Presenting the data, interpretation, speculation, and imagination

"Do you understand my new theory?"

Martin Funk is talking about Gornergletscher

Martin Lueti is talking about fish in Greenland

"You should be careful for earthquakes on Gornergletscher!"

With ETH PhD students, Mauro, Fabian, and Patrick

Night slide show by Mamoru Ishikawa

Exciting talk by Heinz Blatter

This is the end of the course program!

Wonderful evening at Heinz's home at Zofingen

It was nice surprise to find Ayako in Zofingen.

Yes, we enjoyed the days.