Field campaign at Grey Glacier in Patagonia 2017

As a part of the JSPS project "Interaction of calving glaciers with lakes in Patagonia", we visited Grey Glacier in Chile in March 2017. Following the first visit in 2016, the main aim of the field campaign this year was installation of mooring device in Lago Grey, a proglacial lake of Grey Glacier. Temperature sensors and current meters were deployed in the lake for continuous measurements until next year. We also used a CTD profiler for lake property measurements and a side-scan sonar for underwater ice front geometry survey.
The work was performed with Dr. Marius Schaefer from Austral University in Valdivia. After the field work, I visited Dr. Andres Rivera at Centro de Estudios Cientificos in Valdivia, and Dr. Gino Casassa at Geoestudios in Santiago. Wonderful experience to meet and talk with these researchers leading glaciology in Patagonia.