Field campaign at Grey Glacier in Patagonia 2016

As a part of the JSPS project "Direct measurement of the subaqueous melt rate at the front of calving glaciers", we visited Grey Glacier in Chile from January to February in 2016. This was our first visit to this glacier located in the Southern Patagonia Icefield. We collaborate with Marius Shaeffer from Universidad Austral de Chile and Gino Cassassa from Geoestudios and their colleagues to perform glaciological and lake measurements near the calving front.
The aim of the project is to observe the shape of the calving face within the lakewater and measure the ice melt rate. To achieve this goal, we utilized side-scanning sonnar, which is able to image 3D shape of an object in water. It was a great experience to cruse a boat along the calving front and observe a complex geometry of ice benearth the water surface.