Gornergletscher was a paradise of steinboks. But now.......

Here comes Dr. Bauder......

and his friends.

Drilling campaign starts with a helicopter operation to carry......

9 tons of material!

When Super Puma flies, it's a bit windy.....

and sandy.

Let's drill a borehole there!

Baudi carries drilling hoses........

and Marin checks the water temperature.

Ready for drilling?

Caro is drilling her first borehole.

Installation of a water pressure sensor.

A new Hollywood movie "SHALL WE DRILL?" is coming soon.

Our wonderful camp.

Wine and newspaper are delivered daily to personal tents.

Tomi is more serious than usual to work on a benzene lamp ......

to get a bottle of beer from Martin.

People are happy, because .......

our camp manager cooks nice meal.

The camp manager is also happy.

Nothing is left after Baudi.

The Gornersee drained much earlier than we expected.

We still have many things to study on this lake.

Caro, please do not cross such a slippery bridge.

Fabian, a guy who has 100,000 of data.

Let's go up for dinner, Mauro.

Martin is dangerously angry about a misarranged helicopter operation.

"Kampai!", Tomi