Continuum Mechanics and Applications in Geophysics and the Environment



This book is dedicated to Professor Kolumban Hutter of the Darmstadt University of Technology on the occasion of his 60th birthday on 22 January 2001.

Professor Hutter graduated in Civil Engineering from the ETH Zurich, and then worked in industry-related consulting at the Institute of Mechanics and the Laboratory of Hydraulics and Soil Mechanics at the ETH, before embarking on a PhD in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in Cornell University. He duly completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor Y. H. Pao, working in the field of the electrodynamics of continuous media. After his PhD, Professor Hutter returned to Europe where he worked as a senior scientist at the Laboratory for Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology, ETH Zurich, being involved in glacier flow, physical limnology, avalanche research and granular media. At the same time he maintained scientific contact with the Mechanics Institute of the Vienna University of Technology. In both European cities he received a habilitation degree: In Vienna for Mechanics, in Zurich for Theoretical Glaciology and Limnology. Since 1987 Professor Hutter has been the successor to Professor Becker at the Department of Mechanics, Darmstadt University of Technology.

Professor Hutter's work has always been relevant to real life, and a feature of the man is his attention to experiments and matching theory. He has built up an internationally respected laboratory in Darmstadt which concentrates on both experimental and theoretical aspects. Professor Hutter has become a renowned expert in ice physics and glaciology, and his book on Theoretical Glaciology is one of the most widely quoted in the field. For several years he was Scientific Editor of the prestigious Journal of Glaciology. In addition to glaciology, Professor Hutter has continued to produce fundamental contributions in the electrodynamics of continuous media, and to produce work of the finest calibre in the fields of soil mechanics, porous media, granular flows, avalanche dynamics, climatology, and lake physics. He is the Managing Editor of the journal Continuum Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

This volume represents a collection of articles in the field of Professor Hutter's interests, namely applied continuum mechanics, soil mechanics and porous media, glacier and ice dynamics, and climatology and lake physics. The articles are by people well respected in their fields, and it is a pleasure to honour Professor Hutter with this book.

Durham, UK, November 2000   B. Straughan
Darmstadt, Germany, November 2000   R. Greve, H. Ehrentraut, Y. Wang


Part I   Applied Continuum Mechanics

Numerical Investigation of Shock Waves in a Radiating Gas Described by a Variable Eddington Factor
Angelo Marcello Anile, Vittorio Romano

Anisotropic Fluids: From Liquid Crystals to Granular Materials
Harald Ehrentraut

Integration and Segregation in a Population - A Thermodynamicists's View
Ingo Müller

Asymptotic and Other Properties of Some Nonlinear Diffusion Models
Salvatore Rionero

The Binary Mixtures of Euler Fluids: A Unified Theory of Second Sound Phenomena
Tommaso Ruggeri

Continuously Distributed Control of Plates by Electric Networks with PZT Actuators
Stefano Vidoli, Francesco dell'Isola

Part II   Soil Mechanics and Porous Media

Hydraulic Theory for a Frictional Debris Flow on a Collisional Shear Layer
James T. Jenkins

The Beavers and Joseph Condition for Velocity Slip at the Surface of a Porous Medium
Geoff McKay

Porous Convection, the Chebyshev Tau Method, and Spurious Eigenvalues
Brian Straughan

Mechanics of Multiphase Porous Media - Application to Unsaturated Soils
Laurent Vulliet, Lyesse Laloui

Part III   Glacier and Ice Dynamics

Modelling Iceberg Drift and Ice-Rafted Sedimentation
Garry K.C. Clarke, Douglas I. La Prairie

Modelling the Flow of Glaciers and Ice Sheets
Andrew C. Fowler

Notes on Basic Glaciological Computational Methods and Algorithms
Richard C.A. Hindmarsh

Constitutive Modelling and Flow Simulation of Anisotropic Polar Ice
Jacques Meyssonnier, Paul Duval, Olivier Gagliardini, Armelle Philip

Influence of Bed Topography on Steady Plane Ice Sheet Flow
Leslie W. Morland

Part IV   Climatology and Lake Physics

Glacial Isostasy: Models for the Response of the Earth to Varying Ice Loads
Ralf Greve

Arctic Sea Ice and Its Role in Climate Variability and Change
Lawrence A. Mysak

The Role of Simple Models in Understanding Climate Change
Thomas F. Stocker

Comparing Different Numerical Treatments of Advection Terms for Wind-Induced Circulations in Lake Constance
Yongqi Wang

Springer, Berlin, Germany etc., 393 pp. (2001). ISBN: 3-540-41660-9.

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