Application of a polythermal three-dimensional ice sheet model to the Greenland Ice Sheet: Response to steady-state and transient climate scenarios



Steady-state and transient climate-change computations are performed with the author's three-dimensional polythermal ice sheet model SICOPOLIS for the Greenland Ice Sheet. The distinctive feature of this model is the detailed consideration of the basal temperate ice layer, in which the water content and its impact on the ice viscosity are computed; its transition surface to the cold ice region is accounted for by continuum-mechanical jump conditions on this interface. The simulations presented include steady states subject to a range of physical parameters and two different climates (present and glacial conditions), as well as three types of transient scenarios, namely (i) sinusoidal Milankovic-period forcing, (ii) paleoclimatic forcing from the GRIP core reconstruction, and (iii) future greenhouse warming forcing.

Journal of Climate, 10 (5), 901-918 (1997).   open access/external link DOI

Last modified: 2020-07-16